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Satin to Sequins

Satin to Sequins

Satin to Sequins

We are joined by the cast and team behind the musical production ‘Satin to Sequins – More than a Minstrel’. It had it’s first run when it was launched in 2014, now in 2018 it’s back for a 3 week run during November 2018. The new show includes newer songs, as well as the some of classics, which are all performed by the great cast, and The Woodstock Darlings, who make up the live band.

The tagline of the show is “More than a Minstrel”, because the producers of the show felt that they wanted the myth of minstrels to be debunked. They want the public to know that being a minstrel is apart of the culture of South Africa, and that you can be a minstrel while also being a lawyer or a doctor, or any job. The show is meant to give auidences insight of contemporary troupes that are a living heritage of the streets of Cape Town.

This is a proudly Cape Tonian show, with the original theatre show being at the Joseph Stone in Athlone. It is now in it’s 4th edition of the show, hence the tagline “More than a Minstrel”. Even though minstrel troupes are normally seen during times of festivities, they constantly have to rehearse throughout the year, which is a difficult thing due members often having day jobs. Often troupes dont get remuneration for their hard work, they reward is more of the love that they receive from audiences and the love that they have for what they do.

Website: www.satintosequins.com
Facebook:Satin to Sequins
Booking: baxter.co.za

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