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Robyn Lee Greens

Robyn Lee Greens
Tuesday 7 June
Robyn Lee Greens is an independent artist from Cape Town. She started her music journey five years ago by posting her first few releases on Soundcloud. However, she’s been interested in music since she was a child.
“Growing up I always loved music,” she says. Her mom and late sister played music that she was greatly influenced by, such as Tamia and Aaliyah.
In late 2018 she decided to take her musical career seriously to fulfil her creativity. “I decided I need to do it properly so I can feel loved in myself… and just be creative,” she explains.
Her debut single ‘Come Round My Way’ shows a soft, vulnerable side to Robyn. The song ‘Lost In My Thoughts’ from debut her EP ‘Not Another Gemini’ won her the Artist of the Year Award from the City Awards here in Cape Town.
Robyn’s latest single ‘Take It Back’ has a different sound to previous releases. “I think what I put into ‘Take It Back’ is more feelings, more emotions. Which is something I didn’t do before because I didn’t know how to express it as well,” says Robyn.
“It really helped me open up that door and journal myself – and try to put my life into words that make sense, and for people to relate to.” The music video stars her husband and fellow singer, Haze.
Family is important to Robyn. Speaking about her latest project and her sister who passed away twelve years ago, “I wanted to keep her memory alive,” she says. “I wanted to take her memory and actually talk about her.”
Haze and Robyn have a son who just might be following in his parent’s musical footsteps. The couple do vocal training every day, and sometimes their son likes to join in. “He has songs on his phone, and he goes and sings, and learns these songs on his own. The same way I did when I was younger – it’s very cool,” Robyn says.
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