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Reactagirl on Afternoon Express


Reactable DJ Reactagirl shows us the latest in DJing innovation.

Today in the loft we have female DJ and esteemed musician who mixes everything you hear completely live and not on CDJs or off a laptop with pre-programmed beats, but off an interactive, new-age, high-tech reactable device that makes clever use of pucks and cubes to create sounds and beats and loops. Plus she’s absolutely gorgeous!

When not mixing beats for Reactagirl, the girl behind the beats, Jade Neebe is also the only female drummer to perform with percussion group , 1st Project; and also is the timekeeper in Afrikaans rapper , Jack Parow’s live band.

Reactagirl on Afternoon Express


Official website: reactagirl.com
Twitter: @Reactagirl
Facebook: Reactagirl

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