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Perseus Streetwear

Perseus Streetwear

Perseus Streetwear

We are joined in the studio by the creative director and founder of Perseus Streetwear, Lenneth Bowers.

Lenneth Started the brand when he was 19 years old, he has said that the aim for the brand is to create a non fictional movement of the youth and a brand that’s street wear has urban appeal. Perseus Streetwear is not just a brand but it also describes who Lenneth Bowers is as a person. Lenneth’s aim for the brand is to create pride for the youth and for them to be able to live beyond their expectations and their imagination. Lenneth started the company without any business training, or fashion and design training.

When he started he only made and sold caps and t-shirts to friends and family, which earned him a small salary. After a while of saving his earnings, he got enough money to invest into his fashion label which resulted in Pereus Streetwear being born, with his manufacturing process being ran by his mother. The brand was started in 2015 in Johannesburg and Lenneth has grown it tremendously by having it in a number of stores and pop ups in Johannesburg, and last year a few stores in Cape Town.

Website: www.perseusxstreetwear.co.za
Instagram: @perseusxstreetwear

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