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Nomboniso Gasa

Nomboniso Gasa

Nomboniso Gasa

Public speaker Nomboniso Gasa chats to us about the significance of Reconciliation Day.

According to The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation ‘s SA RECONCILIATION BAROMETER 2015 survey, most South Africans agree that the creation of a united, reconciled nation remains a worthy objective to pursue, the country remains afflicted by its historical divisions such as income inequality and race relations. The report states that although there is a desire among most South Africans to have more contact with people from racial groups other than their own, they are precluded from doing so by the spatial and economic legacies of apartheid. 

To help us take stock of where we are in the process of reconciliation, our special guest is  prominent researcher, analyst and free lance writer on gender, political and cultural issues, Nomboniso Gasa. As published scholar, editor and activist she has been an emmence contributor and South African thought and opinion leader creating necessary dialogue around the issues of the day.


Twitter: @nombonisogasa

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