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Nathan Fluellen

Nathan Fluellen

Nathan Fluellen

We are joined by adventurer, vlogger, creator, executive producer and host of World Wide Nate, Nathan Fluellen. World Wide Nate, has been guiding people and travelling living a global lifestyle all over the world, since Nathan created the show in 2004.

Nathan is the guy you need to watch if you have dreams of travelling but cant quite do so yet, or if you are too scared to leave your comfort zone. This Chicago native, thrill-seeker has travelled to over 60 countries, and has captured it all on World Wide Nate. The show focuses on the food, cultures and the adventures that he goes on, in all these countries. The show allows the viewers to live vicariously through him in all these countries, whether it’s swimming with jellyfish in Palau, or running with the bulls in Spain, or even being around the cute Koala bears of Australia, he gives us the chance to see the rest of the world through his eyes. World Wide Nate has created such a buzz and gained attention that he went on to become one of the first sponsored US tourists to visit Cuba in over 50 years, back in 2016.

Instagram:  worldwidenate

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