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Nadia Jaftha

Nadia Jaftha

Nadia Jaftha

We are joined in the studio by blogger and influencer Nadia Jaftha, as she makes a triumphant return to the loft. Nadia has built herself a strong brand through social media. She has referred to herself as the ‘Content Queen’ and that is not a far stretch as she managed to acquire almost 300, 000 Instagram followers, this has also led to her beginning her singing career.

The Cape Town native built her brand by her fashion blog Birdline Blog and posting videos on her Instagram and YouTube channel. Over the past several years, she has managed to build a brand up so much that she has even recently launched her own line of shoes called “Slay Shoes”, and she has also become the face of Canal Walk in Cape Town. Now she currently has many brands lining up to associate their brands with her’s as she built herself quite a loyal following. Nadia also studied Film & Media, which is why there is so much detail put into her videos, other than just the content.

Having a Film & Media background, I always think that what sets me apart from other bloggers and influencers is that I am also a content creator and I like my content to have a narrative.

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Instagram: @nadiajaftha
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