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Mapule Ndlhovu

Mapule Ndlhovu

Mapule Ndlhovu

We are joined by fitness model who is known as the “Queen of SA fitness” on Instagram, Mapule Ndlhovu. She is a personal Trainer that not only chose fitness as her profession but as a way of life, as she seems to have found the secret to beauty and muscle.

The Alexandra born Mapule has quickly gone on to become one of South Africa’s leading role models in the fitness world. She has helped to reinvent what the “ideal body shape” of a woman should look like, by letting women know that you can be beautiful while still having a fit and toned body. This lifestyle has led to her getting endorsements for from many leading brands that promote healthy and clean living.

Her fitness journey began when she found herself unemployed after matric, so she found solace in taking part in community aerobic classes, and going for daily runs, which she used as an emotional release. She tried quite a few things, such as studying electrical engineering and joining the air-force, but nothing seemed to truly appeal to her such as the world of self improvement.

Now her daily workout routine consists of a 5km run to follow that are sets of strength training. Now she is a firm believer that the human body can do anything if one puts there mind to it

Instagram: @queenfitnass
Facebook: Mapule Ndlhovu
Twitter: @queenfitnass

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