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Lelo Mofokeng

Lelo Mofokeng

Lelo Mofokeng

We are joined by 9 year old author Lelo Mofokeng, who wrote the book “How I Survived Bullying.” Lelo is not your typical 9 year old, while many out 8 year old spend their days watching cartoons, Lelo was busy writing books on his personal experiences.

Unfortunately bullying is something that most people go through at some point in their lives, at one point or another, however in most cases it happens during childhood, in the schooling times. It was no different for young Grader R learner at the time, Lelo Mofokeng. He details in the book how he had to deal with a bully whom he called “Ken”, who was in the same grade as himself, but not the same class. This in not Lelo’s first book, but it is his first book that has been published, he began writing the book back in 2016, when he was 8 years old.

One boy in my grade but not in my class used to bully me. He used to punch me in the stomach and push me around, he even threw my lunch out,” says Lelo about his young oppressor ‘Ken’.

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