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Laverne “Hippkhoi” Mart

Laverne “Hippkhoi” Mart

Laverne “Hippkhoi” Mart

Visual artist Laverne “hippkhoi” Maart joins us in the studio. She is a woman of multi-talents and uses the world as her stage, mainly using singing and her poetry as a means of reaching the masses.

Not only is the Cape Town based artist a singer but she is also a social activist, she began the Cape Flats Fashion Council, where they support and help to grow the fashion industry there. Her portfolio as a stylist has been pretty impressive and she has been making a name for herself as one, even styling multiple individuals for large events. Her primary objective as being an activist is helping to bring about change in Cape Town, specifiably around the Cape Flats, and change it’s status quo and how the community is viewed society.

She pushes the boundaries of what society has made “the norm”, as she is also plus size model, and works on pushing her brand that people should comprehend beyond what their eyes see, thus her work on bringing about a social change in the Cape Flats.

Website: www.hippkhoi.co.za
Twitter: @HippKhoi
Facebook: Hippkhoi
Instagram: @hippkhoi

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