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Kelly Schreuder - Sleep

Kelly Schreuder - Sleep

Kelly Schreuder - Sleep

Dietician Kelly Schreuder creates a nutriblast for battling sleep.

We have all been there, lying awake, staring at the ceiling and counting sheep. While sleep may mean different things to us during different ages and life stages, one thing remains unchanged: we all need it. Whether it is for growth or rest. Today we take on this topic and take a look at how our diet and physical activity can have an influence on it. We also make the perfect NutriBlast to help you out. 

Kelly Schreuder - Sleep


email: kelly@ctdietician.co.za
Official Website: www.ctdietician.co.za
Twitter: @ctdietician


Official SA Website: nutribullet.co.za
Facebook: Nutribullet South Africa
Twitter: @NutriBulletSA
Instagram: @nutribullet_sa 

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