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JR and Tshepi Vundla

JR and Tsephi Vundla

JR and Tshepi Vundla

We are joined hip hop artist JR, and the love of his life, social media influencer and stylist Tshepi Vundla. JR has been in the industry for around 10 years now, and has had two number 1 hip hop songs as well as two no.1 pop song on the South African Charts. While Tsephi has been a top teir stylist who has worked with a number of large brands. Last year September they welcomed their baby boy into the world.

Tabure Thabo Bogopa, better known as JR released his first studio album ‘The Main Event’ in 2008. He has had good success as both an artist and producer, having produced such hits like ‘Congratulate’ by AKA. In 2017 he started something that would change the way people got to view musicians live performances, by launching the JR Feel Good Live Sessions. What originally began as a way to help promote his latest album ‘What A Life’. In the sessions artists perform with a live band giving a mini concert and talk about the meaning behind some of their hits.

Tshepi is a stylist who has always had a passion for fashion, be it the shopping, getting dressed up or putting outfits together, and as she got older she has managed to turn that into a lucrative business for herself. She started her company Twelve12 in 2014, the company does fashion styling, personal shopping and wardrobe organising, for clients.

Twitter: @JRafrika
Instagram: @jrafrika

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