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Ihashi Elimhlope

Ihashi Elimhlope

Ihashi Elimhlophe

We have an in-depth interview with Maskandi legend Ihashi Elimhlophe..

Ihhashi Elimhlophe (which means 'white horse') is a multi-award winning musician and a living legend, he rose from a mere herd boy in a small village of Kwabiyela in KwaZulu-Natal to being a much celebrated South African Icon. His nostalgic Maskandi Music (Zulu traditional music) has earned him international status. He is the epitome of the African dream, his entire family are well respected and most admired for their music ingenious.
Having recorded 28 Albums as Ihhashi Elimhlophe, he has become a premium brand in South Africa and within the African music circles. His influential music stretches across the market impacting on rural and urban followers. He is regarded as a national icon and the king of maskandi music. He is South Africa’s traditional music draw card to the international market. 

Ihashi Elimhlophe

Instagram: @ihashielimhlophe

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