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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a major problem faced by a countless number of countries throughout the world, however it has only been in recent years that this problem has shown how prominent it is in South Africa. The media play a large role shaping perceptions and guiding the public conversation about this crime. How the media reports on human trafficking is just as important as what is being reported, and the overall impact of these stories is reflected in the way the public perceive them.

Chrisna Junius
We are joined by a human trafficking survivor Chrisna Junius. She is a social and mother of three, but when she was young she was sexually groomed by a family friend, from the age of two years old until she was twelve years old. After divorcing her former husband she moved to Cape Town, and unknowingly fell for human trafficker “Mike”, who showed her compassion and love after she suffered from a nervous breakdown. He kidnapped her after she was released from the Clinic, and forced her to work as a Dominatrix after threatening her family. In 2006 she managed to be rescued by a friend who worked for a street workers NGO, Thanks to her ex-husband and father. Chrisna is now runs an organisation called called GO Purple who fights crimes against Woman&Children.

Nedine Blom
We are also joined by Nedine Blom, who is a qualified international law graduate, who completed her thesis on human trafficking. Shewill dicussing how human trafficking got started, and how it has now turned into the biggest business in the underground world. According to the Global Slavery Index, approximately 45 million people are currently enslaved as sexworkers

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