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Garden Day

garden day

Garden Day

We are joined by floral designer Blomboy as he discusses Garden Day, and what it is. The 21st of October has now become an annual Garden Day, the day is about spending the day with family or friends and celebrate gardening.

Blomboy is a floral design extraordinaire who joins us studio to help us prepare for Garden Day, and he also shows off how to make flower crowns for you to be able to give your guests, while you enjoy you garden over a glass wine or juice. He learnt and honed his skills in floristry while in the United Kingdom, where he worked for two floral design firms, where he made designs for the likes of Queen Elizabeth II and Elton John.

Gardening can be calming and a form of stress relief, it also helps one connect to nature while also knowing that they have grown their own plant-life. That is why a few enthusiastic gardeners started the movement of Garden Day and just being out in your garden amongst your loved ones. The day is primarily to just get together with the people around you, and enjoy each others company while in the space of your garden, and appreciating it, it is not necessarily about gardening. Garden Day is now taking place for the third consecutive year, solidifying that it is something that the people of South Africa really need.

Website: www.blomboy.com
Twitter: @theblomboy
Instagram: @theblomboy
Facebook: BlomBoy

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