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Dru Hill

Dru Hill

Dru Hill

We are joined in the studio by American R&B supergroup Dru Hill. They are most known for their number 1 R&B hits, such as "Never Make a Promise", "How Deep Is Your Love", and “In My Bed”, during the peak of their popularity in the 90’s.

The group was originally formed in 1992, In Baltimore Maryland, by lead singer Sisqo, Jazz, Nikio the N-Tity, and Woody Rock. With a catalogue of songs across different genres, which included not just R&B but also gospel music, soul, and hip hop. They got signed to a record label while still in high school, but they only shot to fame and stardom after high school, with the song “In My Bed”. They became known for their energetic stage performances and presence, even though during their beginning stages they had to fight off comparisons to other popular 90’s band, Jodeci. During
this time they had a self described career highlight in 1997, when they were invited to South Africa and perform for Nelson Mandela, his family and 62 000 other South Africans, at a stadium, which was also coincidentally their first time performing at a stadium.

Now in their 26th year in the industry, Dru Hill has had to change and adapt due to some original members leaving and them having to bring in new members such as Smoke, Black, and Tao, but their core message of the group still remains the same, and that is giving their fans great music that invokes feelings with them.

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