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Dr Yanga Madlala

Dr Yanga Madlala

Dr Yanga Madlala

We are joined by Dr Yanga Madlala. He will be in the studio to discuss topic that many men still find difficult to talk about, but it’s something that should be discussed, the difference between tradition and medical medical circumcision (MMC)

Many doctors perceive MMC as the best form of circumcision that one can under go, and is something that every man should do, as it’s the simplest and safest way. Circumcision is a seen a smart move as it removes the foreskin, which contains unique cells, called Langerhans cells, that attract the cells that produce HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. Males with foreskin also have higher chances of being vulnerable to infections, in cases of small tears or bruising that may be caused from friction during sex.

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