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Dr Maria Phalime

Dr Maria Phalime

Dr Maria Phalime

We talk to 'the doctor who walked away' Maria Phalime on Afternoon Express

Today we have a very interesting lady in the loft who qualified as a Medical doctor and then walked away from the profession. We've heard of people that have changed course in their careers, but never a doctor!

Born and raised in the Johannesburg township of Soweto, Maria moved to Cape Town in 1991 to pursue her studies at the University of Cape Town. She practiced for a brief period as a general practitioner in South Africa and the United Kingdom, before leaving medical practice to pursue non-clinical interests.  

In 2010, Maria found her voice as a writer. She studied under the acclaimed South African author, Mike Nicol. It was at that point that she decided to walk away from medicine.

Dr Maria Phalime


Official Website: mariaphalime.com
Facebook: Maria Phalime
Twitter: @mariaphalime 

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