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Desiree Anne Martin

Desiree Anne Martin

Desiree Anne Martin

We are joined in the studio by author, Desiree Anne Martin. Desiree’s debut memoir ‘We Don’t Talk About It. Ever’, where she talks about her journey from being a drug addict, to recovery. The Cape Town born author explains in the memoir how she had to deal with addiction that led to her depression, up until she eventually found her way to recovery.

  Desiree didn’t have the an easy life when she was younger, as she grew up in Apartheid South Africa, with a father who was an alcoholic and gambler, while she also had to deal with a mother who didn’t really seem to love her. As a way to cope with all that was going on in her life, she developed a secret addiction to masturbation, and constantly to people in her life, she would also attend Scripture Union camps, during holidays. It was during her schooling years that she had to truly face being clouded under the “coloured identity” umbrella, this was due to the fact that she was now at a “white school”. During this time is when her depression truly kicked in as she resorted developing an eating disorder, self-harming, committing petty theft, and other self-destructive tendencies. She however still managed to keep this part of her life a secret and after high school she went off to study in England.

This turned out to be a mistake as she then proceeded to fall in the club scene while there. When she returned to South Africa she continued with the club and ecstasy scene, until she is eventually introduced to heroin by a friend where she then fell heavy into the world of drugs.

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