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Danny K

Danny K

Danny K

Joining us in the studio is one of South Africa’s biggest pop stars, who has stood the test of time in the age where musical icons come and go, Danny K. Danny joins the long list of celebs who have atempted to keep up with our chefs in the kitchen for the Tuesday Cook-a-long.

Danny K has been in the industry for over 20 years, this is something that’s not easy to accomplish at this current day and time, and he has accredited his longevity to his choice of musical direction and the type of songs that he releases. Over this time he has gone on to rack up a number of awards including a number of South African Music Awards awards, however through all that he stays humble, always reminding himself that one is only as good as their last hit.
"I have always concentrated on making sure that my music is relevant, a sign of the times,” he has said.

He has released 7 studio albums, 6 being solo albums, and 1 collaborative album, throughout his 20 year career. After taking a hiatus for a few years, the end of 2018 saw him return with a new single titled “Things We Do”.

Twitter: @dannykmusic
Instagram: dannykj23
Website: www.dannyk.com

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