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Connie Bhebhe

Connie Bhebhe

Connie Bhebhe

We are joined in the studio by entrepreneur and fitness guru Connie Bhebhe. It has been 4 years since Conne last joined us in the loft, and since then she has released an 8-minute fitness video and there have been over 20 000 people who have fallen in love with her fitness program.

Here fitness company targets those women who want to be fit and active but can't afford it, whether it be financially or time-wise. Her aim was for it to be able to give women their confidence back and make them less body conscious. Her recently released book titled “Level Up” which is about adapting the Kaizen Philosophy. The book focuses on the main theory of the Kazien Philosophy which is mainly about being in the state of constant improvement. She also chats to about how one should always have a second income and the importance of a secondary income.

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Website:  www.connietransform.com
Instagram: @connieceo

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