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Carina Bruwer

Carina Bruwer

Carina Bruwer

We are joined in the studio by marathon swimmer and musician Carina Bruwer. Carina is a well known name around the music industry, as she has toured around the world as a founding member of award winning instrumental all female group SterlingEQ. She joins us hot off the heels of her return from her latest marathon swim, where she did a 7 hour swim across 3 European countries, all in support of children organisation Muzukidz.

Her charity swim was a groundbreaking open water swim in Europe, as she swam from France to Monaco, then eventually to Italy, through a different section of France. It took her 7 hours 6 minutes to complete the whole thing, which was a distance of 21km. The swim was all to help support and raise funds for Muzukidz. The organisation helps and offers children who are from townships around Cape Town, an opportunity to learn the violin. She did the swim on 18 September 2018, where she entered the water at Cap Ferrat just outside Nice in France, and finished at Capo Mortola near Ventimiglia in Italy. She did the swim in accordance with the English Channel swimming rules, where she was supported a local swim team from BeWater, as she swam against the current for 6 hours.

The current that was against me was also unexpected; the prevailing current usually goes the other way! Still, every stroke today had meaning as this swim is making a different to Muzukid children from Cape Town townships who are given the opportunity to learn the violin

Website: www.carina.co.za
Twitter: @carinabruwer
Instagram: @carinabruwer
Facebook: Carina Bruwer

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