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Bruce Young & Nick Chevallier

Bruce Young and Nick Chavallier

Nick Chevallier

We chat to co-director and DOP of Blood Lions, Nick Chavallier.

Last year alone, more than 800 captive lions were shot in South Africa, mostly by wealthy international hunters under conditions that are far from what can be considered a sport. The lion hunting industry has largely been kept away from the public eye over the years and has recently become an international topic of debate.

Blood Lions is a documentary film which follows the journey of two men who aim to uncover the realities of this brutal industry. Joining us on the couch is the writer, Bruce Young, and the camera operator, Nick Chevallier, who both co-directed the film. Just a warning, the following interview will contain video footage of a graphic nature, so sensitive viewers, be advised.

Blood Lions follows acclaimed environmental journalist and safari operator Ian Michler, and Rick Swazey, an American hunter, on their journey to uncover the realities about the multimillion-dollar predator breeding and canned lion hunting industries in South Africa.
It is a story that blows the lid off all the conservation claims made by the breeders and hunters in attempting to justify what they do. 

Bruce Young and Nick Chavallier

Blood Lions


Official website: bloodlions.org
Twitter: @Blood_Lions

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