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Babalwa Nyenagane

Babalwa Nyenagane

Babalwa Nyenagane

We are joined by social worker Babalwa Nyenagane, in studio. This week on Mommy Monday’s we discuss the sensitive and touching issue of child abuse. To help us take the discussion into depth, Babalwa of Childline services, is here to help.

It’s a sad reality, but 35,4% of children is South Africa have experienced some form of sexual abuse in their lives. There are many forms of sexual abuse that child might experience in their lives, these can be in any form of unwanted sexual exposer, such as exposure to any sexual activities, unwanted touching or forceful sex. These acts can occur from any sexual predators, including people that the children may know, such as adults in their lives, like teachers, family members, older children and sometimes even parents. Children often feel scared of informing people when such occurrences happen to them, which leads them to bottle up the trauma, which then results in long running emotional damage and scaring, This is where Childline comes in, they provide a safe place where children can report such instances, and even if need be, arrange for the children to be removed from such situations.

Babalwa and the rest of Childline show parents how they can fight these forms of abuse befalling their children. It may seem surprising to some, is the fact that there are more sexual abuse reports from boys, with 36.8%, compared to that from girls, which is 33.9%.

For more information visit Childline, here.

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