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Anthony Bila

Anthony Bila

Anthony Bila

We are joined visual artist and blogger, Anthony “The Expressionist” Bila, on the couch. Anthony expresses himself through his blog, where he expresses himself through multiple artistic platforms such as art, writing, fashion, music, and photography.

Anthony who also goes by the name “The Expressionist”, which is also the name of his bloghas said that his goal for himself and his blog is to “bring Africa to the world and the world to Africa.” his blog shows off the many different looks of African culture and style, drawing inspiration from everything that’s around him. His views on the budding art and fashion market in South Africa is a strong one,

We are an untapped market and a lot of the fashion in my opinion has transcended into art. We are a creative melting pot and anyone not from South Africa just has to peer into my country to find that out

Blog: theexpressionist
Tumblr: theunculturedclub

Instagram: @Theexpressionist
Twitter: @AnthonyBila

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