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Angela Makholwa

Angela Makholwa on Afternoon Express

Angela Makholwa

Crime fiction author Angela Makholwa joins us in the loft on this Literacy Day.

At the age of 13, Angela was elated to see her first short story published in a music and lifestyle publication called Upbeat magazine. From that moment -the bug had bitten –she decided that one day she would write and publish an authentically South African novel- although we should not dwell too much on what that could have meant to a 13 year old. 

In 1998, while practicing as a journalist, she wrote to a convicted serial killer requesting an exclusive interview. She did not hear from him for five years until she received a call acknowledging receipt of the letter and an invitation to meet with the serial killer. Ever the inquisitive journalist, she agreed to the meeting. The convicted felon asked that she write a book about his life- a request she took up with some trepidation. She lived to regret the decision after the serial killer began harassing her when she did not devote as much to the project as he had desired. For good measure, he also started calling her business associates… not surprising as he was diagnosed a psychopath.

After abandoning the project she decided to revive it a few years later as a work of fiction. She took liberties with the storyline and allowed her creative license to run amok, thus birthing the novel “Red Ink”.  In 2009, Angela Makholwa was hit by what modern day psychologists euphemistically refer to as a ‘quarter life crisis’- a term loosely used to account for the sudden mental meltdown of a self-absorbed individual who suddenly realizes that her days of being categorised as a ‘youth’ are almost over.

Angela Makholwa on Afternoon Express

In order to purge herself of the demons of ageing that were haunting her, she devoted this episode of her life to penning her next novel, “The 30th Candle”- a book that revolves around four university friends who deal differently with the milestone of turning 30.
The “Black Widow Society” followed in 2013- the book is the realisation of a dream to write a crime suspense novel that will hopefully challenge and entertain the reader…while giving them a sleepless night or two.
Angela is a married mother of two. She runs a marketing and events management company called Britespark Communications, which is based in Midrand, Johannesburg.


Facebook: Angela Mokholwa
Twitter: @AngelaMokholwa

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