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3 Days to Go

3 Days to Go

When their father passes away, four grown siblings return to their childhood home after 5 years with their collection of spouses, children, grandchildren, soon to be exes and soon to be spouses.
Lakshmi (Lillette Dubey) and Gabriel Isaac (Rueben Naidoo) have been happily married for almost 45 years. While out cake tasting, in preparations for their 45th anniversary party, Gabriel has an unexpected heart attack and dies forcing all the children to come home earlier than they planned. Three of their four children haven’t been home in 5 years. The only child they see is Janet Isaac (Leeanda Reddy), their 2nd born who lives with them. After losing her husband in a tragic accident, she moved back home and has been the only child taking care of her parents together with her teenage daughter Kiara (Kiara Govender), who has decided now is the perfect time to start acting out. Janet finally found love again with Oliver (Jonathan Boynton-Lee) but somehow is struggling to move forward; and now she has to juggle her insane siblings coming home for the funeral.
Melissa Isaac, (Jailoshini Naidoo) their 1st born, married someone who she thought was the man of her dreams until he turned emotionally abusive… And it didn’t take long before it turned physical. She tried to get out but like most abusive relationships, she never did. Their only daughter, Candice (Zakeeya Patel) grew up in this madness becoming a young single mother of 2 children and is now looking for love in the wrong places – leaving Melissa to play mother to her 2 children.
Riki Isaac (Rahul Brijnath), 3rd child and only son, and like most sons – he is the apple of his mother’s eye. His financial success lead to excessive drinking, a divorce, gambling and debt and always hustling. His latest gambling binge, the day his father died – has him owing a colorful loan shark Babes (Tumi Morake) R100 000; and now he needs to come up with the money fast. Riki’s first target, is his father’s inheritance.
We all have that person in our families who can’t stop talking about themselves – that would be Amy, the last born, who ran off at a young age and married a man 10-years-older than her. Love turned into luxury and now he wants out of their relationship. Faced with losing everything in the divorce and potentially having to move back home, Amy wants to have a baby to secure her future.
While the parents are dealing with their own issues, Kiara (Kiara Govender) is left with an impressionable Candice (Zakeeya Patel); and together they find themselves in trouble.
This crazy family needs to survive each other under one roof for 3 days, before they spread their father’s ashes and part ways again. They learn how miserable they have become in their lives and how they can no longer blame each other or people for their choices and decisions.
3 DAYS TO GO represents every family across the globe and across every Race. Everyone knows someone or has someone like one of our characters in their own families. But every now and then something happens that tears us apart in order to bring us back together. When this happens, we realize that no matter how crazy and selfish our family can be, we can still love them, show them their faults and stand by them so they can change their ways and grow stronger together as a family. #familyfirst

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