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Terms and Conditions

Win A Home Designer Challenge Terms and Conditions


  1. The Win a Home on Afternoon Express Designer Challenge ("the Designer Challenge") is organised by Cardova Trading Proprietary Limited ("the Producers/we/our/us").
  2. Each person submitting an application and/or participating for the Designer Challenge ("applicants/contestants/you/your") agrees and accepts that all the terms and conditions as set out herein is binding on him/her.
  3. In order to be considered as a contestant for the Designer Challenge, you must:-

3.1.     be 18 years and older.
3.2.     hold a tertiary degree or diploma in design or a related creative field. i.e. architecture, fine art, product design, interior decoration, interior architecture, fashion design, art direction and similar fields. We will consider other fields if need be.
3.3.     hold a valid South African driver's license and have your own transport.
3.4.     have less than 5 (five) years experience working in interior design, product design, architecture, fine art or related fields.
3.5.     be permanent legal resident of South Africa and agree to produce a valid South African ID, or other valid ID with the necessary visas/permits that allows you to live and work without restrictions in South Africa, when requested by the Producers.
3.6.     not be an employee of the Producers, the SABC or any of their agents with respect to Win a Home on Afternoon Express ("the Programme") and agrees to not at any stage of the Designer Challenge be an employee of the Producers, the SABC, or any of their agents with respect to the Programme.
3.7.     have no contractual or other legal obligations that may conflict with your application or participation in the Designer Challenge.
3.8.     either reside in the Cape Town area, or be able to relocate to the Cape Town area at your own cost and make yourself available fulltime for the duration of the Designer Challenge from 21 April 2016 to 31 August 2016 and agree to take part in all challenges with respect to the Designer Challenge as directed by the Organisers.

  1. In order to be considered as a contestant for the Designer Challenge you must:

4.1.     complete and submit the application form found on the Private Property website at www.privateproperty.co.za and answer all the questions on the application form; and
4.2.     submit a design portfolio per email to winahome@cardova.tv with the following minimum content:
4.2.1.    Your full name and contact number;
4.2.2.    A cover letter explaining why you should be considered as a contestant for the Designer Challenge;
4.2.3.    A short biography;
4.2.4.    Ten (10) images (minimum) which can be of previous projects, renders of current projects, renders or sketches of future plans and/or creative ideas;
4.2.5.    An A4 mood board that is representative of your design style;
4.2.6.    A full length photo of yourself; and
4.2.7.    A portrait photo of yourself.
4.3.     The design portfolio must be sent in one of the following formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx.
4.4.     The design portfolio must not exceed 10mb.
4.5.     Alternatively to submitting your design portfolio via email, you may also deliver it in physical form to the offices of Cardova at the 6th Floor, The Equinox Building, 154 Main Road, Sea Point, Cape Town. Please remember that you are still required to complete the online application form as required in 4.1 and your design portfolio must arrive before 12h00 on 18 April 2016.

  1. Applications for the Designer Challenge will close at 12h00 on Monday, 18 April 2016. No late submissions will be accepted.
  2. You can only submit one application herein.
  3. The Designer Challenge contestants will be determined as follows:

7.1.     The Producers will consider all the applications that are received by 12h00 on 18 April 2016 and will select a shortlist of possible contestants ("Shortlisted Applicants") on or by 20 April 2016. The Shortlisted Applicants will be determined in sole and unfettered discretion of the Producers. If you are contacted by the Producers, you are not guaranteed to be determined as one of the contestants for the Designer Challenge.
7.2.     The Producers will contact the Shortlisted Applicants on or by 20 April 2016 to invite them to an interview at the Producer's offices in Sea Point, Cape Town. If you have not been contacted by the Producers by close of business on 20 April 2016, your application was unsuccessful.
7.3.     Shortlisted Applicants will be required to attend the interview at their own cost on either 21 or 22 April 2016. Should a Shortlisted Applicant not be able to attend the interview in person he/she may be given the option to conduct the interview via skype.
7.4.     Should a Shortlisted Applicant be unable or unwilling to attend the interview at the time requested by the Producers, he/she will not be considered for participation in the Designer Challenge.
7.5.     The Producers will determine the 3 (three) contestants who will participate in the Designer Challenge ("Contestants") on or by 26 April 2011, subject to such person signing a participation agreement with the Producers. The participation agreement will set out the terms and conditions for participation in the Designer Challenge. Should the selected person be unwilling to sign the participation agreement, the Producers may select a different Contestant and that person shall not have any claim against the Producers.

  1. Designer Challenge

8.1.     Contestants will compete for the duration of the Designer Challenge period from 18 April 2016 until 31 August 2016, which dates may be subject to change. There will be no eliminations during the course of the challenge and 1 (one) winner will be determined at the end of the Designer Challenge.
8.2.     The Contestants will be paired with Decor Magazine editors who will act as their mentors throughout the duration of the Designer Challenge.
8.3.     The Contestants will be required to appear LIVE on Afternoon Express at the studios in Sea Point up to TWICE a week for the duration of the Designer Challenge.
8.4.     The Contestants will be required to travel to the building site for the Win a Home Apartments at least once per week for the duration of the Designer Challenge.

  1. Each Contestant will receive a stipend of R 1000,00 (One Thousand Rand) per week for the duration of his/her participation in the Designer Challenge, which stipend shall be paid into the Contestant's bank account on every Monday during the period which the Contestant is required by the Producer to be available for purposes of the Designer Challenge.

10.  By submitting an application for the Designer Challenge, you consent that the Producers may use any personal information supplied by you to the Producers for the purposes of establishing whether you are a suitable candidate and for selecting Contestants herein.
11.  You agree that the Producer/SABC may conduct such background checks and request original documents that are necessary to confirm that all the information contained in your application is correct.
12.  The Producers, or its appointed representatives, shall determine, in their sole and unfettered discretion, which applicants will be selected as Contestants and who will be the winner. The Producer's decision regarding the aforesaid will be final and you agree not to challenge same.
13.  You warrant that material contained in your design portfolio is your own, that your application does not contain any information or material that may infringe any right of any third party in any way and you indemnify the Producers against any such claims.
14.  Contestants agree not to engage in activities that violate any law, offend against public morals or embarrass the Producers/SABC/Sponsors of the Designer Challenge in any way during his/her participation herein.
15.  You acknowledge that the Designer Challenge will form part of the Programme that will be broadcast on SABC 3. Should you be selected as a Contestant, or Shortlisted Applicant, you hereby irrevocably assign to the Producer and to SABC the entire copyright and all other rights of whatsoever nature in and to your participation and contribution to the Programme, whether now in existence or arising in the future, including without limitation, any performance, comments ascribed to you (whether as part of an interview, or behind the scenes footage), during your participation in the Designer Challenge or the Programme and any inclusion of your photographs, likeness, profile, name, voice, sound effect, caricature, literary, artistic and musical materials and the like for purposes of the Programme and/or any related publicity, research and marketing, which the Producers/SABC accept. The Producers/SABC shall therefore be entitled to use, edit, broadcast, re-broadcast, publish or communicate to the public your performance/participation and exploit and license others to use and exploit such contributions, in the whole or in part, by all means and by all media manner and formats whether now known or hereafter invented throughout the world and in perpetuity without remuneration or royalties.
16.  Contestants hereby wave all my moral rights which they may have in their performance in Win a Home as defined under the Copyright Act 1978, as amended.
17.  Should the Producer decide, in their own discretion, not to proceed with the Designer Challenge, for any reason whatsoever, the Producer may in its sole discretion elect to terminate this Application Form without any liability to the applicant.
18.  Reasons for disqualification:
18.1.  The Producer may disqualify an applicant/Contestant, without compensation, as an applicant, Contestant or the winner of the Designer Challenge, should the applicant/Contestant:-
18.1.1.     at any stage, supply untruthful, inaccurate or misleading personal details and information in his/he application or otherwise to the Producer;
18.1.2.     be in breach of any of the terms and conditions contained herein;
18.1.3.     unreasonably refuse to participate in events or challenges that form part of this Designer Challenge;
18.1.4.     be found, in the sole and unfettered discretion of the Producer, to be unfit during or prior to the Designer Challenge.
19.  Confidentiality and what you should do if the media approaches you
19.1.  Contestants shall not disclose to any third party, without the prior written consent of the Producer, any information relating to the Programme/Designer Challenge, including, but not limited to, the application/selection process, his/her appearance in the Programme, the production staff, production crew, any other Contestants, the identity of finalists or winners selected, nor any other information which may come to the Contestant's knowledge relating to the Producer/SABC/Sponsors/suppliers or otherwise connected to the Programme, save for information which is already public knowledge through no fault of the Contestant. Should you, if you are a Contestant, be approached or contacted by the press, you must immediately refer them to the Producer. You hereby acknowledge and agree that failure to adhere to this provision may lead to your immediate disqualification and you shall not have any claim of whatsoever nature against the Producer/SABC as a result of such disqualification.
20.  Indemnity
20.1.  Each applicant/Contestant hereby indemnifies the Producers/SABC/Sponsors, their subsidiary and affiliated companies, their officers, agents, directors and employees against any costs or damages (including consequential damages and pure economic loss) that may be incurred by the Producers/SABC/Sponsors as a result of claims or charges made against the Producers/SABC/Sponsors (whether at the instance of the third party or the applicant/Contestant) for infringement of any right, whether the claim or action arises from delict or contract, or any infringement of whatsoever nature, arising out of or pursuant to the exercise by the Producers/SABC/Sponsors or the applicant/Contestant of its rights or the fulfilment or breach by the applicant/Contestant of his/her obligations in terms of the Designer Challenge, and such indemnity shall extend to the reasonable costs that may be incurred by the Producers/SABC/Sponsors in defending any action instituted against it.
20.2.  The Producers/SABC/Sponsors shall not be held liable for any damage or loss suffered by any Contestant arising out of his/her application or participation in the Designer Challenge. This shall include, but not be limited to, damage arising as a result of living expense, travel, illness, injury, accident, death, loss of income, loss of profit, loss or theft of property whilst participating in the Designer Challenge.

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