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Father's Day and Men's Mental Health

Fathers Day

Father's Day and Men’s Mental Health

Tuesday 11 June

Today, Afternoon Express celebrates Father's Day and Youth Day with a special show filled with heartwarming stories, inspiring young leaders, and practical tips.

On social media, we would like to know: What is your favourite memory with your dad?

Clinical Psychologist Clint Maggott joins us to discuss the mental health challenges men face and how to overcome them. He'll provide valuable insights and coping mechanisms to help men prioritise their well-being.

Ahead of Youth Day, we celebrate the achievements of young South Africans. Ameer Hendricks, a multi-talented Singer, Karate Champion, and Law graduate, returns to the show. He'll share his inspiring journey and words of encouragement for young people chasing their dreams.

Thinking about your child's future? Absa Private Wealth Banking is here to help! We chat with Navin Ramparsad, Head of Financial Planning, about creating a solid savings and investment plan for your child's education.

Spoil Dad this Father's Day with a delicious and healthy breakfast! Chef Tumi shows us how to whip up scrumptious Breakfast Yoghurt and Oat Cups, perfect for busy mornings or a Father's Day treat.

Back with Clint Maggott, we delve deeper into practical coping strategies men can implement to maintain good mental health. From open communication to building a strong support network, Clint offers valuable tips for men to prioritise their well-being.

We meet Dr Anza Tshipetane, the driving force behind the Bright Young Leaders Initiative. Dr Tshipetane will share her inspiring story and the organisation's mission to empower young leaders in South Africa.

Healthy doesn't have to be boring! In the kitchen, we create a delicious and nutritious Froyo Protein Snack using Clover Fruits of the Forest yoghurt. It's the perfect pick-me-up for busy young people on the go.

Pali and Zee chat about Father's Day and share special messages to the dads in their lives.

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