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World Foster Day

World Foster Day

World Foster Day

It’s World Foster Day on 13 May, which began in in 2018 started KIN Culture and Kibwe Kids, which are two foster-care organisations. The aim of it is to help create awareness both in South Africa and globally, on the importance of foster care. In the studio we are joined by Agnes Barnard the COO and Co-founder Kin Culture, to help explain more about this great day.

People often have a misconception of what foster care really is and tend to go and confuse it for adoption. Even though they may have a similar basis however there are a few main difference such as foster care is not permanent and is on a trial period commissioned by the court, of normally two years or more time period. Another large difference is the fact that foster parents are not given legal
guardianship of the children under their care, as the family of the child or parents can still undergo court assessment, allowing the child to be reunited with the family, should it be court approved. Foster care provides the children with an identity of a family, as opposed to having the children put up in an orphanage as an alternative. In 2018 alone of the more than 2,7 million children who are orphans there were only 1300 adoptions that took place. Foster care is a very viable option and more people need to be educated on it.

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