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Imaan Anders


Imaan Anders

Job Title:
Production Co-ordinator/Content

Can you give a short description of your job?
My job involves the pre-show preparations of Guests/Presenters, seeing that theyre here at Calltime and making sure that their faces are smiling and happy for the live show. From a content perspective, that involves researching potential content ideas for the show, then compiling abible for that particular segment and making that it is executed as per my vision for the show.

What do you enjoy most about the job?
The adrenalin rush before the live, it’s exhilarating and everyone is buzzing on the same feeling. And also, seeing my content come to life.

What is your fondest memory of Afternoon Express?
Not necessarily a fond moment but definitely a boost of morale, is the family spirit we have amongst one another as a team which makes every day memorable. We’re a family, from the presenters to the Production team.

Has there been a guest on Afternoon Express who really got you star struck?
This week actually, Khaya Mthetwa sang a Gospel song on the show and it was in that moment that I became so engulfed in the performance and utterly starstruck, I’ve never experienced someone which such a powerful voice, EVER!

Who would you like to see on the show (dead or alive)?

What is your favourite recipe that has ever been made on the show?
Gail’s Corn crunch lemon and herb chicken with morogo

Is there someone you look up to?
Shonda Rhimes, her struggle to get to where she currently is and the determination with a solid backbone in an industry which is male dominant, (TV industry), to come out tops and have four TV Series on the ABC Network.. Greys Anatomy, Scandal, How to get away with Murder and Station 19 are all ranked in the top 20, to me that’s one huge achievement so im totally aspiring to have an empire just like her one day God Willing.

If confidence, money or experience wasn’t a factor – what career would you have?
Hmmmm.... A Kardashian maybe, for the lifestyle… Getting on a jet plane and just travelling the world.. Living my best life

What’s your advice for those who would like to follow your career choice?
This is a lifestyle and most people who are not in the doesn’t understand that working in this industry isnt a 9-5, its all around the clock and thats why I love what I do. If you love the constant hustle and being on your feet, problem solving when the rest of the world are asleep.

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