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Adrian Hayes

Adrian Hayes

Adrian Hayes

We are joined in the studio by former British army-man turned adventurer and author, Adrian Hayes. Not only did he become an adventurer upon leaving the service life he is now even a public speaker.

Adrian grew us a kid who didn’t really have much self-confidence, this carried on into his early 20’s even though he would excel at stuff. He has said that the only true time he began to really believe in himself was when he was in the army. He joined a Special Forces regiment at the age of 22 years old, he has said that during his time there that it was the greatest self-development learning curve that he could have experienced.

Following that, now he is not only a record-breaking adventurer but also a motivational speaker, author, business coach and author. He is all this and more and still has had a life in between the army and all of the achievements. Adrian also has a corporate background as he was Airbus Middle East Sales Director for 6 years. He is also currently an advisor on the European Mars One project. He is also an ambassador on economic, social & environmental sustainability.


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