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Updating Your Summer Wardrobe

Updating Your Summer Wardrobe

Updating Your Summer Wardrobe

The presenters exchange items of clothing they no longer wear.

As more and more South Africans are becoming health-conscious, they’re embracing green tea as an alternative to coffee and sugary drinks.   The new Five Roses Green Tea range includes:  the classic Green Tea, and several refreshing flavours – lemon and lime, apple and pear or mint.   Not only are the flavours delicious, but they’re healthy too, leaving you feeling revitalised, and with Summer upon us  already, we need every health boost we can get! 

On today's Afternoon Express, we will be talking about a clever way to Update your Summer Wardrobe: You can Recycle those clothes that never quite worked for you, but that you feel bad about getting rid of - by swapping clothes with a friend. This is something that sounds exciting!Five Roses banner
Official website: Five Roses
Facebook: Five Roses SA
Twitter: @EntyceBeverages

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