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International School Meals Day with Caleb Botha

International School Meals Day with Caleb Botha

International School Meals Day with Caleb Botha

Wunderkind Caleb Botha joins Palesa and Tumi in the kitchen for a special edition of Afternoon Express as we celebrate International School Meals Day.

The young chef is a whizz in the kitchen and will be showcasing some of his very own recipes. 

We kick off International School Meals Day and whip together these simple, foolproof Clover Mini Quiche Cups. Traditionally a quiche is a French tart consisting of pastry crust filled with savoury custard and pieces of cheese, meat, seafood or vegetables but we’ve added a quick and easy twist that will be sure to impress your little ones.

These scrumptious Clover Mayo lunch box roll-ups are a great way to incorporate those veggies and proteins in a fun-sized way ensuring that your kids have a good balance meal in their lunch box.

School lunches have become more and more exciting over the years giving parents around the world an opportunity to feed their kids their favourite foods in lots of different ways. If your kids love pizza, then pay attention to these mini pizza foldovers.

And lastly, the Kid Chef extraordinaire here in the loft today. He is here to share one of his lunch box favourites that will be sure to get your kids excited about meal time at school.

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