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Episode 176 • 1 February 2016

Afternoon Express, Episode 176, 1 February 2016

Episode 176 • 1 February 2016

Afternoon Express talks about the current state of the economy.

There’s been talk on the news about interest rates going up, South Africa heading for junk status as well as possible recession and so we’ve decided to dedicate our show today to money! We have to experts in the loft and they’re here to help us wrap our heads around interest rates, and what lies ahead for us as South Africans with regards to the economy. 

We’re also taking a detailed look at how to budget your salary properly, and where you should be saving your money this year.

In the kitchen, Tal Smith joins us and prepares mushroom risotto.

Afternoon Express, Episode 176, 1 February 2016

Afternoon Express Presenter Style Ep 176

Loved what our ladies were wearing? Here's where you can get the look:

Mustard dress from Carla Zara 

White collar shirt from Studio W at Woolworths 
Black trousers from Country Road

White play suit form A-list

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