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Episode 154 • 7 December 2015

Afternoon Express, Episode 154, 7 December 2015

Episode 154 • 7 December 2015

Afternoon Express talks about property, from renting, to the rights of tenants and landlords.

Moving in to a new home - or your first home - can be a stressful occasion. There are several processes and regulations before you can begin unlocking the door and moving your furniture in. Luckily, in today's Afternoon Express we look at all angles of property.

First up, we chat to BetterLife's Jenny Rushin who takes us through the process of buying property. Simon Bray from Private Property gives us pointers on renting property, and attornet Jacques van der Merwe discusses the rights of both the landlords and tenants.

Also on the show, we discuss the Immigration Act, and in the kitchen Claire puts together quick honey and mustard glazed pork chops.

Afternoon Express, Episode 154, 7 December 2015

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