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American Staples

American Staples

Thursday 15 September

We’re focusing on delicious American staple foods in this episode! Whether you’re into sweet or savoury, we have the best of both worlds to offer.

We start off with an American diner classic, a fluffy Waffle Stack topped with a dollop of yoghurt cream. This can be topped with any Clover Fruits of the Forest flavour!

When talking about American food, it’s not only sweet! Try our New York Style Bagel filled with rotisserie chicken! It’s convenient and easy to make in the comfort of your home.

This next dish is all about convenience! What’s better than Building your Own Pancakes? Chef Jay is whipping up pancakes served with caramelized bananas and all of your favourite toppings with a twist – a drizzle of Clover Classic Custard! Be sure to use firm bananas to ensure they maintain their integrity while cooking.

For dessert, we have Texas Sheet Cake! This cake combines the flavours of hazelnut and orange with buttermilk, creating a moist and decadent cake. Of course, no American spread can be complete without a delicious cake!

Registered Dietician, Laura Calitz, joins us to discuss how food has an impact on our feminine health and hygiene.

It's finally our lovely presenter Pali's turn to get her room rescued by Mzansi Room Rescue.

To wrap it all up, what’s your favourite American staple, Mzansi?

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